Your Garden: Top 10 things to do in Spring
Your Garden: Top 10 things to do in Spring

Tips and handy hints to get the best from your garden.

Your Garden: Top 10 things to do in Spring

1. If you have neglected your garden over winter, it is time to get it back into shape with some well-overdue weeding.

2. Clean out your garden beds. Remove debris that has fallen over the winter months.

3. Aerate the soil in your garden and your lawn, especially in areas that didn't do well in Winter.

4. Repotting: Early Spring is a great time to repot any plants that are no longer sitting comfortably in their old pots.

5. Start (or restart) your herb garden. There is nothing better than eating your own home-grown herbs. Speak to Life Outside about our fantastic raised vegetable beds!

6. Get ready to mulch. Your plants need some protection from the hot summer months, so get your mulch ready to go.

7. Fertilize your citrus trees so you have some lovely fruit next season.

8. Look at your lawn - does it need to be replaced or patched up? Life Outside can take care of all your turfing needs.

9. Start watering! Your garden is going to be getting thirsty very soon, so start getting the hose out (depending on your water restrictions) or speak to Life Outside about our irrigation systems and water tanks.

10. Start dreaming! Is there something you have always wanted to do in your garden but haven't got round to it? Perhaps a deck and pergola ready for Christmas lunch, or a pool for the Summer school holidays? Whatever your dream, Life Outside can make it a reality. Call today for a quote and start the ball rolling!

Enjoy your Spring!